Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Pet Rock named Peeve

Just some shit that annoys the hell out of me, that probably never even registers on other people's radar of irritation:

1. The word is IDEA, not 'i-deer' or 'ideal'. Please pronounce the shit properly.

2.Sometimes it's hot outside, and I want everyone to acknowledge that shit. When you see me sweating like Ewing, that's not the time to tell me how the heat doesn't really bother you, or how you kinda like humidity. And if you have an air conditioner in your crib, turn that bitch on. I'm not the one for the 'isn't this fan doing the trick?' shit.

3. Ultra Vegetarians and/or Meat Lover Supremes: I don't give a fuck about what you eat, or how you think about what others eat. I've been a meat AND potatoes kinda fellow.

4. Girls who 'only have guy friends': You know those girls who'll tell you, "I hate girls. All of my friends are guys". Truth is, all them guy friends are merely waiting for their opportunity to smash you out. Reality bites.

5. Recent college graduates: You think you're the smartest people on the fucking planet, and you truthfully some of the stupidest. Special recognition goes to those who have studied the social sciences(i.e. Sociology, Poli Sci, Women's Studies, any ethnic studies). For most of you, you've just learned that the world is fucked up, and you feel compelled to patronize the whole world. Shut up and go get a job.

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