Wednesday, October 31, 2007


If you don't know about Portishead yet, you best to come on in! This is one of my favorite groups period. Learned about them in college whilst burning heavily. Some of the best driving music you can have. This is a clip from one of their live performances.

There's a crew in NYC called The New Rap Order who remixed "Sour Times" into a track called "Son of A Bitch". One of the best rap songs I've ever ever heard. Do your homework shorties. And you old fucks try and keep up!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Black Boys Video banned--Why?

Grime artist Bashy recently released a powerful video titled "Black Boys" in celebration of Black History Month. It was BANNED by OFCOM, a media watchdog, for claims that the video is racist. You watch for yourself.

Hope you watched it already, because I'm about to speak on it. From my viewpoint, the video is what people need to be seeing. There are no racist undertones or overtones present in any of the lyrics or images in the video, so what is OFCOM talking about?

People watch out, the witch hunt for Black people is on and popping again. No, I'm not talking about a nigga getting caught with guns w/silencers(though if that shit don't reek of hip hop police, I don't know what does). I'm talking about hanging a noose on Tupac's statue. I'm talking about shooting an unarmed groom-to-be 50(FIFTY) fucking times. I'm talking about attacking the use of a word, and not the ignorance and poverty that nurtures the use of that word.

For those white folks that are tired of hearing about race and black people, FUCK YOU for FIVE HUNDRED YEARS. Had black people received reparations of any sort like the JEWS and JAPANESE, then I could understand not wanting to hear shit. But the simple fact of the matter is that folks in the hood are dying to obtain shit that is commonplace amongst many whites. Yeah, you may live in a trailer park, but at least you OWN that shit. A regular hood brother will dream of having his own apartment to rent, and if he gets a car, SHHIIIITTT, 'we movin' on up!'.

Should white people get up and give black people all the shit they could be owed? Hell no. Every man/woman gotta get theirs for themselves. But all I'm saying is don't stop a brother/sister from getting theirs on some hater shit. If the boy Bashy makes a positive song about Black boys to uplift his folk, what business do you have banning that shit? No business motherfucker! Not when you got Soldier Boy skeeting all over the fucking place.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Does the word N!gger lead to Global Warming?

Here's a clip from one of my favorite people, Bobby Hemmitt. A brother who pulls no punches whatsoever. His theories are quite extraordinary, and this hypothesis particularly strikes me.

For those who can't yet watch the clip, Hemmitt is surmising that the word N!gger is rooted in an ancient African term NGGR(nay-gar), which raises the Kundalini spirit. The Kundalini spirit is also known as the serpent power, and when risen, it can elevate one's spirit to be closer to God. It basically represents a spiritual maturation.

Hemmitt says that the rising of the Kundalini spirit is what prompts Global Warming, not noxious gases. Shit had me bugging for a minute. I'll let him tell the rest.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Big up to the Blastmaster KRS-ONE for reinitiating the Stop the Violence Movement. The original Self Destruction video is one of my all-time favorites, so let's revisit it.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My new favorite drink being advertised by one of my favorite emcees

The video will explain everything. I just love this guy StarPower. He really says whatever the hell he wants. He's got an album out called The Problem of the Day.

As for the Grandad's Nerve Tonic, shit had me buzzed real proper. Give it a taste if you're in Brooklyn. And then buy the Junk Science album.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

PIFF--Super Plant or Narcotic?

As I make my weekly journey up to Washington Heights to visit moms, I was again accosted by the local 'vendors'. Their product of choice? The ever popular PIFF, a seemingly new strain of marijuana that's taken over the hearts, minds, and lungs of our youth.

I admit that I've tried this PIFF, and though stoned out of my brain, I'm not impressed at all(A good Barber is knowledgeable of all things hood). The initial high was intense, yet managable. But then after a few more pulls, I began to get that "somebody's watching me dude!" kind of paranoia. Heart beating too fast, sweating, jumpy as shit-type high. It wore off after a half hour or so, but shit got me to thinking.

Is this PIFF shit just a stronger version of my old green faithful, or are the masses being doped up, for real? I never did hard drugs, never intend to. And that shit felt like hard drugs, b.

The Dominicans have never been known for their plant cultivation abilities, but they sure are known for that white stuff. I ain't trying to knock nobody's hustle, but sell what you say you're selling Papi. Don't tell me the extra crystals is just THC and shit.

Here are some things to look out for to avoid a bad trip:

1.) Stop buying weed outside. Anyone stupid enough to still have their biz in the streets with all these cameras has nothing to lose.

2.) Weed is not physically addictive. If you feel withdrawal symptoms after not burning for a couple, you may need to reexamine what it is you're inhaling. And remember, if you smoke those blunts, tobacco IS addictive.

3.) Beware of specialty names like PIFF, Diesel, GoldenEye. Just a sales pitch to make you think shit is special. Probably has roach spray or worse in it.

4.) Ask the vendor what he's smoking. If he/she's smoking the same shit they sell you, you may be okay. But even that's hard to tell.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

King Leopold's Ghost still haunts Africa

Check out this enthralling(you like that word fuckers) article on King Leopold, one of the main men responsible for destructing the cradle of Africa, The Congo.

You Be The Judge

Hate for Blacks is Old Noose!

I won't even harp on the details of the noose incident at Columbia University. People spend too much friggin time trying to find out exactly what happened.

There is an extremely dope emcee by the name of Mercury the Maroon who once spit:

"Black people goin back to Sambo and Mamie/I don't give a fuck about a god-damned Grammy"

You got black folk out here shucking and jiving and smiling for the cameras, who refuse to acknowledge that our situation has yet to change in this country. The black intellectuals have been silenced with 'good' jobs and phony compliments. I know, because I used to be one of those who was content with my Direct TV, PDA cell phone, and overpriced apartment to bang my bourgeois girlfriends.

These are the people who should have been fighting the academic wars in the classrooms and boardrooms for our integrity. The thugs on the street shooting and slanging each other to death should be the soldiers fighting the holiest of battles to free us from the invisible chains. But nah, give these niggas a chain and they shut the fuck up when the gentry moves in on their turf.

My point is, the noose incident at Columbia should not have come as a surprise to anyone. If we spent more time paying attention to the shitstorm around us, we wouldn't jump every time there's a fart in the wind. Sean Bell, Mychal Bell, Amadou, Rodney King, Scottsboro Boys, Draft Riots, shit, JESUS. And all we continue to do is fucking march. Fuck that shit. For real. Check some more lyrics from brother Mercury, a song called War and Peace:

"I ain't doin no more sit-ins to get shit on, it's corny/
And I know now I won't fit in/
I ain't commit the first sin, but I'ma cast the first stone at the dawn of the morning/
Form a militia built of the same niggas in Compton that were built to pick cotton in Virginia/
The epicenter of the NIGGER epidemic..."

The rest you'll have to hear on Higher Learning, a most important album.


Much love to Redhead Kingpin for keeping light-skinned brothers in vogue for at least three more months with this classic jam here:

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lupe is a Fiasco

I want to thank Mr. Fiasco for his faux-pas at the 2007 Hip Hop Honors show. He has given me the necessary fodder to continue my crusade against his corny ass. I have always maintained that this dude makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER in his rhymes. Lyric lovers, give me a minute to 'plain myself.

I'm sure somewhere deep down in his verses, Lupe is saying some real worthwhile shit. But metaphor works best within some sort of literal context. Thanks to TV and weed, I no longer have the patience to sit and listen to a mofo go on and on about some bullshit. I tolerated Kick, Push for the beat, but after a while, his lyrics simply bored me. To date, I have yet to listen all the way to the end of a Lupe track.

Now this verse he spit SOUNDED real dope, but I'll be damned if I could tell you what son talking about.


What rapper in their right mind don't know fucking "Scenario"? I could give him the slightest pass for his fucked up rendition of "Electric Relaxation", but not fucking "Scenario". I don't care where the fuck you grew up, Spice 1 can NEVER compare to Tribe Called Quest, and will NOT be inducted into the Hip Hop Honors. That was a real lousy excuse.

I feel him on even forgetting some of his own lyrics on stage sometimes, but this was no ordinary show. His lil' overrated ass should have been jumping for joy to even be considered to honor one of the greatest groups of all time-any genre of music. He couldn't take an hour to memorize 8, I repeat EIGHT fucking bars? His performance was as bad as Phife looks now(fuck that, I keeps it real).

So in closing(for now), I say thank you, Lupe, for now I don't need to search for reasons to explain to people why you are a wack rapper.

Monday, October 8, 2007