Sunday, November 4, 2007

Every dog has its day

"And I'm not talking about those scum niggers without a soul..."

If you stupid enough to think that Dog the Bounty Hunter wasn't a racist bastard before, then you stupid enough to be surprised at his recent comments. I took one look at that fucker and thanked god I never had an outstanding warrant.

Folks need to stop acting so surprised at these recent overt displays of racism. The fact is, all these folks have BEEN racist, it's only now that they feel safe enough to open their mouths again.

I think it's good for some of these negroes to see this shit(Imus, Dog, nooses, etc), so that they can get their dumb asses up out the fancy restaurants, and into the struggle.

And if I gotta see Al Sharpton's snitching ass on TV condemning any more shit that don't matter(e.g. Dick Cheney attending a hunting lodge that hangs a Confederate flag), I'ma steal his activator spray.

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