Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Newports are the 'black cigarette'

Tisch Family owns Newport cigarettes

I read this article the other day in the NY Times. Turns out the Tisch family, long known for its philanthropy, owns the second-most popular cigarette brand, none other than Newport.

They own or have owned all other types of wild shit, including Loew's Theaters, CBS, wild hotels, hospitals, and NYU.

The article suggests that the family no longer wants to be associated with the cigarette, and have apparently been trying to sell it off for the last 40 years. FORTY. I don't buy it folks. Our country specializes in profiting off of our death and illness, so you mean to tell me no one wanted a piece of the second largest cigarette company? I guess the billions of dollars they made helped to ease the guilt.

I found it kinda funny that the Times even knows that Newports are the 'black cigarettes'.


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