Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Ballot, or the Bullet? A time to kill? Whom?

I send a prayer to the family and friends of brother Bell, who is hopefully resting in peace.

Even if those bitch-ass cops got 25 years for shooting Sean Bell, they still got off easier than Bell did.

This shit reminds me of that movie A Time To Kill, probably the last good Sam L. Jackson flick. Specifically, I'm reminded of the last courtroom scene when Matthew McConaughey's character has to force the jury to think of the victim as a little white girl in order for them to understand the depth of the crime committed against the young black girl. This country is so racist that it can't perceive wrongdoing unless it's done to one of its chosen people. So instead of waxing philosophical on how this case has been fucked up since that tragic night, I want to provide some similes for folks who just may not get it:

Sean Bell's murderers getting off is kinda like:

1. OJ Simpson killing another white woman(a Jew at that), getting acquitted, and holding a press conference flanked by Farrakhan and Professor Griff from Public Enemy.

2. Seinfeld, Friends, Sex and the City, and Will & Grace all being canceled and replaced with episodes of The Parkers.

3. A man getting castrated, then getting hired to be a judge in a blowjob contest at the Playboy mansion.

4. Having your Sag Harbor summer home confiscated and given over to the Fresh Air Fund. Then having your trust fund donated to the United Negro College Fund.

5. Obama winning the Presidency, then hiring Reverend Wright as the official White House Chaplain.

It's kinda like all of that shit, times every day of your fucking life.

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