Monday, April 28, 2008

The Deaf leading the Blind--Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Don't Speak on Evil

I know I just said I wouldn't wax philosophical on the Sean Bell murder trial, but, well, I lied.

Here are some 'interesting' facts about this case that the media has casually skipped over:

* The cops in question were all said to be drinking at the Kalua club that night, but were never given a breathalizer test. I guess cops don't act differently when intoxicated.

* Guzman and Benefield were not taken as credible witnesses because they had criminal records and smoked weed. The cops, however, were not at the bar trailing these individuals. And if it's just to get shot because you smoked weed, then there would be a whole slew of people getting shot. Wonder what would have been said if Bill Clinton got bucked by police.

* Judge Arthur Cooperman RETIRED after giving his verdict. Hmmmm....

Now on to the blog.

The Cointelpro did a real number on the Black community. If you don't know, this government sponsored program was given the assignment to neutralize any and all potential black leaders in order to prevent the rise of a Black messiah.

Martin R.I.P. Malcolm R.I.P. Medgar R.I.P. Fred Hampton R.I.P. ---> I think you get the point.

This brings me to the aftermath of this Sean Bell tragedy. Truthfully, I expected the officers to be acquitted, because our government is still full of racist fucks.

A lot of folks out there are pointing to the Obama phenomenon, and even David Paterson, New York's first black governor, as evidence that racism is fading in America. Two words--bull, shit.

It's truly sad to watch intelligent, grown-ass men have to succumb to politics and not speak the truth to the people they are supposed to represent. Obama has stated that though the shooting appeared to be excessive, the judge has made his ruling, and it should be respected. I just read in the Daily News that Paterson reacted unfavorably to Sharpton's notion of 'shutting the city down' in protest. Here's what Paterson had to say:

"People are trying to go to work. We're trying to conduct commerce here....From the perspective of management of government, you never want your city shut down."

When Paterson's sucker-ass wasn't governor, he marched with Sharpton in protest of the Amadou Diallo killing. But now that he's the state number 1 guy, he has business to protect? What about your fucking people? I know he can't see nobody with his blind ass, but that ain't no excuse.

Seriously speaking though, we have a real lack of leadership in the Black community. If we have a President and Governor who are too scared to speak the truth, then what hope do we have?

One might make the argument that these men have to make such statements to protect themselves, but for me that is simply an excuse for cowardice. Obama tries to come off as this straight shooter, but in reality he is going to do whatever is necessary to win his nomination. He's thrown his own pastor of 20 years under the bus for this shit. How can Obama show his face in that church ever again?

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