Monday, April 7, 2008

Next up to bat--The Dugout

For the next few months, I will be making it my business to give exposure to music that needs to be heard round the world. For all of the "Yungs" and "Lils" of the world, you have a collective called The Dugout who allow you to exhale. I chose these guys first, because they have garnered a respectable amount of attention with no label deal. At a recent show I attended at Brooklyn's Southpaw, I watched this group take over the night with their energy. Point blank, The Dugout just might be my favorite crew right now. They're all over Baje One's "Weightless EP", which was recently released on Def Jux Records for FREE download. I've been to a few shows before, and trust your Barber, they're worth seeing. Check out the title track from this EP featuring Mercury.

Here's a video I peeped for a song of Mercury's called "TCB". I appreciate anyone who appreciates TCB. Kept combs from breaking in my family for years! Anyhow, I don't think the song has much to do directly with activator spray:

I first remember seeing Cavalier in a VH1 commercial that aired during the first Hip Hop Honors ceremony. I've also seen his name popping up in various blogs, including The Smoking Section. There's a damn good reason too. Check this video he did for a song called "Dionne"

I did a lil' post on StarPower's Petting Zoo mixtape, which is still my favorite release of '08. Here's a track from it called
Syllable Texture:

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