Thursday, October 25, 2007

Black Boys Video banned--Why?

Grime artist Bashy recently released a powerful video titled "Black Boys" in celebration of Black History Month. It was BANNED by OFCOM, a media watchdog, for claims that the video is racist. You watch for yourself.

Hope you watched it already, because I'm about to speak on it. From my viewpoint, the video is what people need to be seeing. There are no racist undertones or overtones present in any of the lyrics or images in the video, so what is OFCOM talking about?

People watch out, the witch hunt for Black people is on and popping again. No, I'm not talking about a nigga getting caught with guns w/silencers(though if that shit don't reek of hip hop police, I don't know what does). I'm talking about hanging a noose on Tupac's statue. I'm talking about shooting an unarmed groom-to-be 50(FIFTY) fucking times. I'm talking about attacking the use of a word, and not the ignorance and poverty that nurtures the use of that word.

For those white folks that are tired of hearing about race and black people, FUCK YOU for FIVE HUNDRED YEARS. Had black people received reparations of any sort like the JEWS and JAPANESE, then I could understand not wanting to hear shit. But the simple fact of the matter is that folks in the hood are dying to obtain shit that is commonplace amongst many whites. Yeah, you may live in a trailer park, but at least you OWN that shit. A regular hood brother will dream of having his own apartment to rent, and if he gets a car, SHHIIIITTT, 'we movin' on up!'.

Should white people get up and give black people all the shit they could be owed? Hell no. Every man/woman gotta get theirs for themselves. But all I'm saying is don't stop a brother/sister from getting theirs on some hater shit. If the boy Bashy makes a positive song about Black boys to uplift his folk, what business do you have banning that shit? No business motherfucker! Not when you got Soldier Boy skeeting all over the fucking place.


Anonymous said...

do you know what stop chattin shit.. how is the song racist every single time black people get a little bit more status some eddiot always has to make an excuse for why it is wrong... where in da song was any over race insulted...he just explained that black people should be proud of what we are doing and strive to do more...and if you think thats wrong deres nuffin more to say than suck your mum and fuck you... BLACK POWER

The Barber Shop said...

True indeed. I appreciate the comment

Anonymous said...

The powers that be dont want black males to move forward, so what do they do ban a tune that dose not talk about guns, fucking, badmind, cars, money. They dont mind you watching all the other shit that comes on mtv base & channel u because that tells you to pick up guns, slap your woman, dis your mum rob & kill.
Think about it!

Anonymous said...

fuck this shit, if someone made a 'white boys' song it would be banned before it even made it to the radio and we all know it

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