Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hate for Blacks is Old Noose!

I won't even harp on the details of the noose incident at Columbia University. People spend too much friggin time trying to find out exactly what happened.

There is an extremely dope emcee by the name of Mercury the Maroon who once spit:

"Black people goin back to Sambo and Mamie/I don't give a fuck about a god-damned Grammy"

You got black folk out here shucking and jiving and smiling for the cameras, who refuse to acknowledge that our situation has yet to change in this country. The black intellectuals have been silenced with 'good' jobs and phony compliments. I know, because I used to be one of those who was content with my Direct TV, PDA cell phone, and overpriced apartment to bang my bourgeois girlfriends.

These are the people who should have been fighting the academic wars in the classrooms and boardrooms for our integrity. The thugs on the street shooting and slanging each other to death should be the soldiers fighting the holiest of battles to free us from the invisible chains. But nah, give these niggas a chain and they shut the fuck up when the gentry moves in on their turf.

My point is, the noose incident at Columbia should not have come as a surprise to anyone. If we spent more time paying attention to the shitstorm around us, we wouldn't jump every time there's a fart in the wind. Sean Bell, Mychal Bell, Amadou, Rodney King, Scottsboro Boys, Draft Riots, shit, JESUS. And all we continue to do is fucking march. Fuck that shit. For real. Check some more lyrics from brother Mercury, a song called War and Peace:

"I ain't doin no more sit-ins to get shit on, it's corny/
And I know now I won't fit in/
I ain't commit the first sin, but I'ma cast the first stone at the dawn of the morning/
Form a militia built of the same niggas in Compton that were built to pick cotton in Virginia/
The epicenter of the NIGGER epidemic..."

The rest you'll have to hear on Higher Learning, a most important album.

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