Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lupe is a Fiasco

I want to thank Mr. Fiasco for his faux-pas at the 2007 Hip Hop Honors show. He has given me the necessary fodder to continue my crusade against his corny ass. I have always maintained that this dude makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER in his rhymes. Lyric lovers, give me a minute to 'plain myself.

I'm sure somewhere deep down in his verses, Lupe is saying some real worthwhile shit. But metaphor works best within some sort of literal context. Thanks to TV and weed, I no longer have the patience to sit and listen to a mofo go on and on about some bullshit. I tolerated Kick, Push for the beat, but after a while, his lyrics simply bored me. To date, I have yet to listen all the way to the end of a Lupe track.

Now this verse he spit SOUNDED real dope, but I'll be damned if I could tell you what son talking about.


What rapper in their right mind don't know fucking "Scenario"? I could give him the slightest pass for his fucked up rendition of "Electric Relaxation", but not fucking "Scenario". I don't care where the fuck you grew up, Spice 1 can NEVER compare to Tribe Called Quest, and will NOT be inducted into the Hip Hop Honors. That was a real lousy excuse.

I feel him on even forgetting some of his own lyrics on stage sometimes, but this was no ordinary show. His lil' overrated ass should have been jumping for joy to even be considered to honor one of the greatest groups of all time-any genre of music. He couldn't take an hour to memorize 8, I repeat EIGHT fucking bars? His performance was as bad as Phife looks now(fuck that, I keeps it real).

So in closing(for now), I say thank you, Lupe, for now I don't need to search for reasons to explain to people why you are a wack rapper.

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