Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Y'all Must Have Forgot (About Roy Jones Jr.'s rap career)

In honor of the fight coming up between two of my all-time favorites (Roy Jones Jr. vs Felix Trinidad), I had to hit y'all with this track right here. For those who don't know, Jones basically runs down the history of his most memorable fights. The greatest line in this song(and possibly all rap history):

"You remember the left hook that James Toney got/ A sucker move I got from a gamecock/ Y'all must've forgot!"

I can't even say I'm rooting for either fighter, because I love them both so much. But they're both out of their prime, so pay-per-view will not be jumping off at my crib.


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The Barber Shop said...

Peace homie. Thanks for reading, I'm glad you like the site. I will definitely add your site to my links.

--The Barber