Wednesday, March 26, 2008

DL Hughley--a traitor to the race? But, what's race?

Not really sure what to think of this. I grew up on DL Hughley, so I"m used to his brand of comedy. I don't think he should have told this Rutgers joke on Jey Leno perhaps though.

Here's DL reaction to a protest against him in Fort Worth Texas

I don't know if I'm for free speech, honestly. I know that I got some shit to say, and I want to be able to say it, but I wish some people could just shut the fuck up.

Here's my short list of people who should shut the fuck up:

1. George Bush--Just shut the fuck up already. Spend these last few months of your reign on the free world trying to beat level 3 in Pac Man. He's the type of guy to try to get one last hurrah in before he bounces. Ehem, Iran. Cough.

2. Miss Jones (Hot 97 personality)-- Bitch, shut the fuck up. And you know I mean it, cuz I never call women bitches to their face. I can't take your cackling, chicken head behavior on the radio anymore.

3. The Street Pharmacists on my corner-- Sorry, I don't want to buy hard drugs from you at this intersection. And yeah the chick next to me who looks like she could be my moms, is my moms. And she don't want none either.

4. Everybody, sometimes-- Sometimes, everybody need to shut the fuck up.

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Roderick said...

LOLOLOLOLOL! Word; speak those things!