Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Free Download--StarPower's "The Petting Zoo"

This mixtape sounds much more like an album to me. Simply fantastic lyricism over some really ill beats. StarPower of The Dugout is by far one of The Barber's favorite emcees, and I'm always geeked to get new material from him. I reposted his blog with the link to the FREE album.

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The Petting Zoo--written by StarPower, produced by Bullion

copy and paste this link, then follow the simple instructions:

Though I know it's worth at least $10, its creation was an act of salvation for me. I dealt with some issues I didn't know I needed to deal with through these songs, which were all created in one day. The reason I was able to do that, was I didn't worry about any of the typical album or song pre-conceptions; I didn't dwell on song structure, content, revision, or anything like that, b/c I never intended to make a whole c.d. It was all unplanned in that way. I just sat down and wrote until I was exhausted, or I grabbed an old rhyme and worked it in, and then made the decision to record all of it 'as is,' also in one day. As it turned out, as a whole, it sounded pretty cohesive.

No doubt, that was helped by the fact that all of the beats were provided by a producer I've never met, a continent away, who didn't make the beats for me, or even for anyone to rap over at all. And the fact that he made them all from sampling Beach Boys songs, gave them a certain kind of emotion that probably subconsciously dictated what I was writing. In all, there are 12 songs, none longer than 2 min 30 seconds, because that's how the producer made the tracks (told you it wasn't your traditional music). You mayhave heard some of it on MySpace, Facebook, or at a show but most of it has been stashed away. I have a bunch more brutally honest, wickedly candid, songs and stories for you to listen, dance, think, and nod to. Songs about the aftermath of cheating, erectile dysfunction, the significance of your wardrobe, fleeing the government on a giant chronic leaf, media influence and more. These are words you need in your life that you won't get from anyone else. And I'm giving 'em to you for free. All I ask is that you spread the word if you feel it, and hopefully you might wanna even buy my debut album, "Problem Of The Day" (available at Itunes,, and my coat pocket).

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