Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some random shit that needed to be said. By me, anyways...

1. I'm not a fan of reality television, but I watch the hell out of it. I peeped how at the end of VH1 commercials, a quiet voice says, "Watch and Discuss". Reminds me of the old popcorn scent in the movie theater trick. Subliminal messages y'all, watch out!

All that aside, I watched Making the band 4 this weekend. And I REALLY want to smash out that chick Aubrey of Danity Kane. The one with the silver pum-pum shorts. I would also give honorable mention to D. Woods, who would also get it. It is simply part of a man's nature to survey a group of women, and pick who you would/would not smash out. Which leads me to say that Shannon looks horrible with that blonde hairstyle. I would've smashed her in that redhead 'do.

What brought me to this conclusion about Aubrey though was minute 2:04 of this video below. As Lennon once said, Imagine.

2. The black nihilist in me makes it difficult to accept the Obamania sweeping the nation. If he is even 10% as genuine as he comes off, then we will have a better leader for this country. Peep his extremely well-crafted speech on race, given yesterday:

3. Lebron James will be the best player. Ever. If it isn't Kobe.

Fuck Jordan with his elitist ass. I heard he used to fuck Janet Jackson at every All-Star game. Props for that. Should've fucked her at the Super Bowl that year.

4. Nothing can look, smell, taste, and feel better than a woman. A nagging woman, however, sounds like Lee press on nails on a chalkboard.

5. Family is the most important thing. To me.

6. The hood NEEDS to stop smoking Dutches and Newports.

7. As sick as I am of these so-called rap beefs, Papoose REALLY went in on Fat Joe in "A Fair One". That section about Joe reppin the South now instead of the BX is, well, true. Shit was a bit long(7 minutes plus), but this is how beefs should go down. On wax, not Photoshop.

8. Eliot Spitzer. Ha. Karma is a bad bitch, ain't she? I would've smashed Kristin, if she wasn't a WHORE. And a whore who charges 4 G's. Bananas. But, playing Devil's advocate, I guess a $10 DC prostitute isn't the most appealing sight to see.

9. Buddha was black. Yeah, that Buddha. Had cornrows and everything. Check for yourself. And just because someone is accredited by fucking Harvard, Yale, or Princeton, doesn't mean he/she is not a scholar. Maybe what their research proves is that these institutions have largely based their assumed superiority on a web of lies meant to support white supremacy.

10. Haile Selassie I is a direct descendant of King Solomon and David. He ruled Ethiopia, the only African nation to not be conquered by Europe. Ever. More on that later...

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