Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Liar's Poker--Can the Government keep a straight face once their card gets pulled?

Our country is full of sophomores--wise idiots. We know just enough to think that we know it all, but we don't know enough to realize that we haven't figured out a damn thing.

Ancient Kemetic (egyptian) students engaged in study for at least 42 years before they could be considered scholars. And we have dumb fucks out here who think a GED entitles them to a full slice of the pie, with icing. I think that I can write this blog about stupid Americans, though anytime I've left the country(or NYC) I may as well be wearing a flower shirt, sunscreen on my nose, and Birkenstocks. Shit, even our President was a fucking C student, and his mediocrity is celebrated.

The proverbial chickens are coming home once again to roost in their white-picketed back yard. The first is former President Jimmy Carter's admission that Israel has over 150 nuclear weapons in its arsenal. People are pissed big time with President Carter, because it weakens the Western world's case for denying Iran the right to have nukes of their own. For years now, Israel has been silent about its nuclear capability, while it continues its reign of terror over the Middle East. Yeah, I'm calling those Israelis terrorists, and yeah, I'm never getting a record deal now because of it. But fuck it, a spade is a spade, right? Whether you strap bombs to your chest, or send them over on planes, it's murder. I'm glad Carter spilled the beans on Israel, it's time for the truth to come to light.

The second big spill of the week comes from former White House press secretary Scott McClellan, who is set to release a memoir titled “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and what's wrong with Washington".

McClellan speaks on a number of issues, namely how the Bush administration manufactured and sustained a series of lies that have greatly affected the nation. Major topics in the book include Hurricane Katrina, the CIA leak of Valerie Wilson, and of course, the Iraq War. In each case, the government failed to respond appropriately, and those at the highest levels then would engage in deceit to save face in the public eye.

This presumably will not be the last of the faux pax from this administration to come to light. These are things that I already suspected were afoul in the government--what I worry about are the things that we know nothing about that are going to wreak havoc on the world in the next ten years.

I sincerely doubt that any meaningful consequences will arise from this book, at least not for anyone that matters in the administration. But at the least some of the truth will surface, so that this pathetic group of politicians can't try to write themselves into the books as moral crusaders, fighting war for the people.


Anonymous said...

gee. that's a lot of nuclear weapons. but i guess if i was a member of the most persecuted people the world has ever known, or will ever know, i'd want some protection too. oh that's right, i am a member of the most persecuted people the world has ever known, or will ever know. funny, we didn't get a country after slavery was abolished, but the Israelis get one after the war. go fig. it's fine, the Isreal-ites will let the Israel-is live b/c it's jew-tiful. For now.

p.s. 150 nuclear weapons doesn't sound like defense. it sounds like offense. why are they so offended?

The Barber Shop said...

Thanks for checking in anonymous. You know the thing many black people don't acknowledge is that we already have an entire continent that used to belong to us at one point. But so many of us are poisoned with self-hatred that we refuse to even accept that we are indeed Africans who are displaced in America.

Jewtiful is a hilarious term. No record deal for you either.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Iraqi's technically Semitic people as well? So couldn't the anti-Iraqi sentiments in the USA be considered anti-Semitic as well? Hhmmmmm....

StarPower said...

"I got a letter from the government, the other day/ i opened, and read it, it said they was SUCKERS!"

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